“Do or do not. There is no try.”

yoda - Yoda, jedi master

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

yoda - Yoda, jedi master

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Some stuff we like:

nodejs amazon aws redis nginx couchdb mongodb rabbitmq webrtc xmpp html5 sinatra sinatra ejabberd github sphinx erlang linux arduino coffeescript ios android

What keeps us busy:

  • xplica

    alternative food network marketplace

    Farmers measure the local consumer demand for their products by using our clustering algorithm. Consumer groups get better agri-foods at cheaper prices. Reducing the agri-food chain while clustering the demand: just does it!


    social media contests

    A contest and media-aware social aggregation engine based on twitter. Use contest hashtags in your tweets to take part, posting media to twitter, instagram, facebook, tumblr and more. Get voted in the contest page.


    the knowledge marketplace

    Everyone has something to share. This is why we created xplica: the first community teaching and learning platform, where the tutor is you. With your ideas, your speeches, your gestures and your wisdom.

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